‘Identity’ Published! + Dual Diagnosis Feature for ‘Roar!’ Magazine

It is a great pleasure to inform you all that I have had my first piece of writing selected for publication!  My short piece ‘Identity’ has somehow managed to find its way into the upcoming launch issue of the Scottish literary zine Dactyl.

Adding to my excitement is the very distinct possibility that another of my pieces ‘The Ashtray’ will be published soon.  This second publication will remain unnamed until talks with the editor are concluded, but the so far the winds are favourable.  I am especially excited for the possible publication of ‘The Ashtray’ as I view it to be the magnum opus (I jest) of my very, very limited and amateur writings.

In other news, I recently wrote an article on dual diagnosis for the King’s College London student newspaper Roar!.  An abridged version has appeared in print and has now been posted online as part of November’s mental health issue, which can be found via the link above.  As I am posting this, the article is formatted a little strangely but I am assured this is being taken care of…

Dual diagnosis is a serious issue facing a largely neglected portion of our society(-ies) and awareness is critical in aiding these people.  For those of you who would like to know more or even get involved please follow the two links I have provided below.

For those of you in the United Kingdom: http://www.dualdiagnosis.co.uk/

For those of you in my native Australia: http://www.dualdiagnosis.org.au/home/


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